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Serving Equipment Hire

We have a variety of serveware items for hire. Whether you are planning a buffet, a family party or an outdoor event we can provide everything you need for an attractive presentation and efficient food service. We have baskets, bowls, heated chafing sets, including roll top, soup kettles along with all the smaller items such as spoons and ladles required to serve your guests.

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*Volume discount available
Item ID Product Name - Click for Details Price Per Hire Period Image Add Item to
OCH-583 Oval Hand Woven Willow Basket £ 2.85* * Volume pricing
If hiring 40 or more units.
£3.65 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-650 Lazy Susans £ 10.75* * Volume pricing
If hiring 5 or more units.
£11.85 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-700 Canape Tray Round - Stainless Steel £ 4.55  
  Each 72hrs Canape Trays hire item  
OCH-707 Oval Stainless Steel Platter 22 inch x 17 inch £ 3.55  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-708 Chafing Set 1/1 Gastronorm & Stand £ 6.75* * Volume pricing
If hiring 25 or more units.
£13.65 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs Chafing Set hire item  
OCH-709 Hot Plate Cordless Extra Large £ 21.75  
  Each 72hrs Hostess hot plate hire  
OCH-710 Bread Basket - Large £ 2.95  
  Each 72hrs Large Bread Basket Large hire item  
OCH-712 Bread Basket - Medium £ 2.85  
  Each 72hrs Medium Cutlery Basket hire item  
OCH-713 Dessert Trio Platter £ 10.75* * Volume pricing
If hiring 8 or more units.
£19.05 at regular price.
  8 72hrs  
OCH-714 Napkin Basket - Small £ 2.75  
  Each 72hrs Small Napkin Basket hire item  
OCH-715 Small Round Bread Basket £ 0.75  
  Each 72hrs small bread basket  
OCH-716 Cutlery Tray £ 2.55  
  Each 72hrs Cutlery Tray hire item  
OCH-718 Stainless Steel Tongs £ 0.80  
  Each 72hrs Stainless Steel Tongs hire item  
OCH-719 Spaghetti Tongs £ 2.85  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-720 Gateaux Slice Stainless Steel £ 0.85  
  Each 72hrs Fish Slice hire item  
OCH-721 Fish Slice Stainless Steel £ 1.45  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-722 Palette Knife £ 1.65  
  Each 72hrs Palette Knife hire item  
OCH-723 Carving Set £ 5.75* * Volume pricing
If hiring 12 or more units.
£6.75 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-724 Gateaux Knife £ 0.95  
  Each 72hrs Gateaux Knife hire item  
OCH-726 Soup Ladle - Small £ 1.55  
  Each 72hrs Small Ladle hire item  
OCH-728 Soup Ladle - Large £ 1.55  
  Each 72hrs Large Ladle hire item  
OCH-730 Cheese Knife £ 1.25* * Volume pricing
If hiring 150 or more units.
£1.80 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs Cheese Knives hire item  
OCH-732 Soup Kettle 10 litres £ 29.15  
  Each 72hrs Soup Kettle hire item  
OCH-733 Mulled Wine Kettle £ 30.95  
  Each 72hrs mulled wine kettle hire  
OCH-734 Mulled Wine Heater 10L - 20L with Tap £ 43.05* * Volume pricing
If hiring 2 or more units.
£51.50 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs Mulled wine heater  

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