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Cleaning Supplies & Equipment Hire

Maintaining proper cleanliess and hygene standards is at the core of professional catering - we offer both cleaning supplies and professional equipment for keeping your work area spotless. We also hire powerful trade vacuums and carpet cleaners to ensure that your guest find your event space looking it's very best. Take a look at Miscellaneous and Disposables sections for even more everyday event and catering supplies. Call Kevin, Sue or Max during office hours. Alexander out of hours

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*Volume discount available
Item ID Product Name - Click for Details Price Per Hire Period Image Add Item to
OCH-9064 Single Sink with Drainer £ 60.80  
  Each 72hrs catering_hire_item_photo  
OCH-9065 Double Sink + Hand Wash Sink - No Drainer £ 127.35  
  Each 72hrs catering_hire_item_photo  
OCH-9066 Double Sink - Drainer - Folding Legs £ 81.60* * Volume pricing
If hiring 1 or more units.
£98.40 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs catering_hire_item_photo  
OCH-9067 Waste Water Pump Unit £ 41.65* * Volume pricing
If hiring 2 or more units.
£47.45 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs catering_hire_item_photo  
OCH-9088 Entry Table for Rack Conveyor £ 0.00  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-9110 Dishwasher Table In £ 33.05  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-9111 Dishwasher Table Out £ 44.05  
OCH-9124 Dishwasher Rinse Aid 5 Litre £ 13.20  
OCH-9125 Dishwasher Detergent 5 Litre £ 13.20  
OCH-9130 Winterhalter GS 302 Dishwasher £ 156.30* * Volume pricing
If hiring 2 or more units.
£167.85 at regular price.
  Each Week  
OCH-9152 Sink - Water Heater £ 175.30  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-9238 Decarboniser £ 214.95  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-9895 Tsurumi three-phase Water Pump £ 23.15* * Volume pricing
If hiring 4 or more units.
£28.94 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-15569 Waste Water Pumping Station £ 77.15  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-18779 Glass Dishwasher Rack £ 5.75  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-912418 Dishwasher Rinse Aid 25 Litre £ 25.20  
  Each 72 hours  

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