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Commercial Dish/Glass washer 1 - 4 Minute Wash Hire

Below is additional information on the hire item "Commercial Dish/Glass washer 1 - 4 Minute Wash".

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Item Number   OCH-813
Item Name   Commercial Dish/Glass washer 1 - 4 Minute Wash
  • Machine dimension (mm) W x D x H: 600 x 600 x 820
  • Standard commercial dishwasher baskets are 500mm square and accept 18 (10") plates
  • Basket size (mm): 500 x 500
  • Maximum wash height (mm): 320
  • Length of each wash cycle: 0-4 Minutes
  • Maximum number plates washed per hour(10"): 320
  • Minimum power requirements for this model: 13 amps
  • Supplied with: Fill & Drain hose, 1 Plate & 1 Cup basket.
  • Integral detergent & Rinse aid pumps: Precise dosing for streak free results without waste of detergent.
  • Drain Pump: Machines with a drain pump allow the device to be fitted below the drain level Drain Pump.
  • Class "A" air gap:Provides category 5 water protection & prevents the possibility of contaminated wash water entering the drinking water
  • Break Tank and Rinse Boost Pump:Allows connection to any water supply regardless of water pressure
  • No jets to remove One piece wash arms:
  • Separate wash and rinse arms:Ensure 100% wash and rinse coverage for improved results.
  • Automatic drain down:No need to remove a drain plug or stand holding a button to drain the machine.
  • Can be converted to run on 13 plug: Allows you to plug the machine into a standard 13 amp socket where higher power is not available. This option will mean the dishwasher takes longer to heat up initially and longer to heat up between washes than it would on a 30 amp electrical supply.
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    Weight   145 Kg
    Price   £173.60
    Per   Each
    Volume Price   N/A
    Currently in basket   None
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    Hire Period   Week
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