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Hog Roast & BBQ Hire

Outdoor DIY catering and event hire. We have a hire inventory of high quality CE approved stainless steel DIY spit-roast machines as well a selection of professional Cinders caterer barbeque gas grills. Charcoal BBQ grills are also available for DIY hire too. We can also provide the extras needed such as a complete set of spit-roast or BBQ accessories, plus LPG gas. Popular event hire items for parties are our giant Paella Pans and stands. We can also provide you with lpg gas or charcoal event hire equipment. Delivery, Collection and LPG gas also available.

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*Volume discount available
Item ID Product Name - Click for Details Price Per Hire Period Image Add Item to
OCH-1224 Lamb Roast Machine £ 172.50* * Volume pricing
If hiring 6 or more units.
£184.05 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs Lamb Roast Spit Machine  
OCH-1226 Potato Baking Machine LPG - 80 Potato £ 126.20  
  Each 72hrs LPG Baked Potato Machine Hire  
OCH-1230 60cm Paella Pan, Stand & Burner £ 56.75  
  Each 72hrs 60cm Paella pan hire  
OCH-1231 80cm Paella Pan, Stand & Burner £ 68.30  
  Each 72hrs 80cm Paella Pan and Stand  
OCH-1232 90cm Paella Pan, Stand & Burner £ 79.85  
  Each 72hrs 90cm Paella pan hire  
OCH-1233 Charcoal Hog Roaster £ 109.95  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1234 100cm Paella Pan, Stand & Burner £ 91.45  
  Each 72hrs 100cm Paella Pan hire item  
OCH-1235 Hog Spit Pole & Fittings £ 46.30  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1236 115cm Paella Pan, Stand & Burner £ 103.05  
  Each 72hrs 115cm Paella Pan hire  
OCH-1238 130cm Paella Pan, Stand & Burner £ 114.60  
  Each 72hrs 130cm Paella pan hire  
OCH-1244 Restaurant Grade Charcoal 12kg Bag £ 14.25* * Volume pricing
If hiring 25 or more units.
£18.70 at regular price.
  Each Charcoal hire item  
OCH-1248 Paella Skimmer Spoon £ 2.50  
  Each 72hrs Paella Skimmer Spoon  
OCH-1250 BBQ Flippers gas or charcoal £ 1.90  
  Each 48hrs BBQ Flippers hire item  
OCH-1252 BBQ Tongs £ 2.75  
  Each 72hrs BBQ Tongs hire item  
OCH-1253 Wire Brush BBQ Cleaning £ 2.80  
  Each 72hrs Wire Brush hire item  
OCH-1254 BBQ Tool Kit £ 12.10  
  Each 72hrs BBQ Kit hire item  
OCH-1255 37mb High Output Gas Regulator 4kg £ 1.00  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1258 Leather BBQ Gauntlet £ 2.50  
  Each 72hrs Gauntlets hire item  
OCH-1260 Hog Roast DIY Cooking Kit £ 18.52  
  Each 72hrs Hog Roast Accessory Kit hire  
OCH-1276 LPG Gas Pipe & Regulator, Hog Roast, Paella, Honda £ 1.14* * Volume pricing
If hiring 4 or more units.
£2.30 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs Regulator and gas lead hire  
OCH-1277 Cinders Adjustable Gas regulator £ 1.00  
   72hrs Propane gas regulator  
OCH-1278 Brass Propane Gas Bottle Doubler £ 2.10* * Volume pricing
If hiring 4 or more units.
£3.15 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1279 Spanner HD Gas Reg - BBQ, Oven, Fryer £ 1.00  
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1384 Spit Pole Clamp or Bracket £ 1.15* * Volume pricing
If hiring 24 or more units.
£2.30 at regular price.
  Each 72hrs  
OCH-1419 50 Natural Fire Lighters £ 10.50  

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